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Risk Management, Cyber and Data Security Services

As an intelligent business person, you already know every business needs to manage risks. But many companies make the mistake of thinking their greatest risks are external ones like burglary or flooding — they underestimate the danger of internal failures in data security and data protection.Every business, regardless of size, needs to consider using cyber security services .

Data Security

Do you believe only big businesses with lots of customer data get targeted by cyber-criminals? Think an identity thief would only be interested in the richest customers, or that if no customers have complained to you then no data has been stolen?

Worse, do you tell yourself the threat is outside your business and therefore outside your control?

None of those things are true.

SMEs are often the target of cyber-crime because their security is more vulnerable than that of bigger corporations. To protect the company, you need to:

  • Stay up-to-date with data security news and internal reports
  • Create and follow suitable security and backup procedures
  • Monitor security hazards, regulation and compliance
  • Track your digital data
  • Manage access to onsite data and protect data taken offsite
  • Correctly dispose of data, documents, and equipment that stores data

Data Protection

If you breach the Data Protection Act , even by accident, your company could suffer strong penalties. To comply with the Act, the data you hold about any person must be:

  • Collected and used fairly and lawfully
  • Collected and used only for limited, explicitly stated purposes
  • Collected and used only when relevant, and not excessively
  • Handled according to the individual’s data protection rights
  • Kept accurate
  • Kept for no longer than necessary
  • Kept safe from unauthorised access and accidental loss
  • Kept within the UK unless you can protect data transferred abroad
  • Shared with the individual if they ask you to do so

To make sure your organisation is compliant with all data security and data protection regulations, have our business IT support experts carry out an on-site review for only £295 plus VAT .

To arrange your on-site review or talk to our IT support team about your options, call 0208 663 4000 today


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