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Financial Systems - from 360ict based in Central London, Bromley and Croydon

Ever stared at your management accounts and wished for a way to streamline them so you could get the precise information you need to make the right decisions…

  • No matter where you are?
  • In an easy-to-use format?
  • Before your deadline?
  • Within your budget?

Choosing your organisation’s accounting package is a decision you should only have to face once every 5 years or more, so it’s vital to make the right choice. The multitude of options on the market vary widely in price and performance, turning the simple task of evaluation and selection into a mountainous endeavour.

Cut through all this uncertainty and effort by choosing the elegant Financials 360 solution from 360ict to control your cash and growth in line with your business plan, supporting and enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of your organisation.

Financials 360 gives you the support and training to make the right financial choices and implement them in your business, but it’s more than that. You can take advantage of all the day-to-day resources to ensure your financial system is truly real-time and 100% up to date.

Use Financials 360 to connect your accounting system with your favourite payment processors --such as eBay, Magento, Amazon and many others-- for automated sales recording, too.

Whether you’re a professional service practice or a retailer, small business or enterprise, national or international, one call to our business IT support team can dramatically reduce the hassle of your business accounting.

Get in touch with our IT support team today on 0208 663 4000 to find out how much easier your business financials can be.


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