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What to Do in Westminster

Working in Westminster gives you a whole heap of choices when it comes to extracurricular activities, and we like to take advantage of as many of them as we can! One of the best parts about being a IT support firm in Westminster is that it allows us to explore some of the liveliest parts of town (sometimes even in our lunch hour!) so we thought it would be a good idea to share with your some of our favourite places to go in the City of Westminster.


Food in Westminster

If there is one thing that has changed dramatically in London over the last 30 years, it is the quality of the food available. Everyone has heard of the fancy-pants eateries that are seemingly springing up everywhere in Westminster, but I’m talking about places where normal working people like you and me can go day in, day out during their lunch hours.

Places like Bao on Lexington Street are bringing that New York vibe to the capital at ridiculously affordable prices. This Taiwanese treasure is London’s answer to Momofuku’s Ssäm Bar, and boy does it deliver. Their pork belly buns are some of the best we’ve ever tasted, and we’ve tasted a few!

Then there’s Clockjack Oven on Denman Street. Despite having an address to die for, Clockjack doesn’t elevate its prices to unreachable levels. It’s essentially a chicken shack, but with a typical London feel to it and the food is incredible. Pick up a whole chicken for under £20 and you won’t be left clucking! Suck on that, Nando’s!

With all of the overseas influences brightening up our culinary landscape, finding a decent fish and chip shop in the heart of London can be a little hit and miss, unless you know where to look, that is. Head up to Marylebone Lane and stop off at the Golden Hind for some of the best cod and accompaniments that the capital has to offer. Small cod will set you back no more than a fiver – in London!

How about grabbing a drink?

Just as with the restaurant trade, London’s drinking holes have changed dramatically, too. There are still some old classics here, however, and one of our favourites is the Crown and Two Chairmen on Dean Street in Soho. This is a lovely spot to while away an hour or two as the proprietors have the atmosphere down to a tee. You’ll feel like a local, even if you are anything but, in this gem of a boozer.

Another pub that rates very highly with us is The Grenadier on Wilton Row. Hidden away around the back of Belgrave Square, this pub allows you to take a drink in a little piece of London history. Believe it or not, this fantastic little venue was originally built way back in 1720 and was The First Royal Regiment of Foot Guards officer’s mess. In 1818, a license was granted and the pub was named The Guardsman Public House before more recently becoming The Grenadier.

What else is there to do in Westminster?

Well, now that you have been fed and watered, how about a spot of culture? Westminster is teeming with gems that will delight and astonish in equal measure. Home to the National Gallery, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Royal Albert Hall, the Wallace Collection, Royal Opera House, Tate Britain and the London Palladium to name but a few, Westminster has one of the highest concentrations of cultural giants found anywhere in the capital.

If that doesn’t excite you, then you may want to do a spot of sightseeing instead. Iconic buildings are in abundance here too, with the likes of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Somerset House, the Palace of Westminster and Downing Street all falling within the City of Westminster’s boundary lines.

Or maybe retail therapy is more your style? In that case, head for the West End where the world famous Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street await your patronage. You can even pop up to St John’s Wood and catch a Test Match at Lord’s Cricket Ground if you are so inclined.

The list of things to do in means doing business in Westminster provides choices, and that’s one of the reasons why our team loves working here. This is the heart of London, constantly changing and evolving before your very eyes, and yet maintaining that sense of tradition that draws people from all over the world to its doorstep. Why not join them?

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