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Managed IT Services based in Central London, Bromley & Croydon

You need IT services and support. Every business does.

And you want your IT services to be provided by reliable experts at best value. Read more…

And you want your IT services to be provided by reliable experts at best value. But here’s the thing that may be missing when you look at the your business IT management options: a simple, predictable cost.

With 360ict’s I.T.Support, you know exactly how much to budget for this month’s IT management services. And next month’s. And the month after that – fixed for 48 months. You stay in complete control with a no-commitment monthly payment that’s determined by the number of desks supported, so you can plan ahead with confidence.

360ict’s I.T. Support Includes

Full management of your business IT

Expert staff

Remote and on-site service

Priority response within 15 minutes

Resolution of pre-existing problems

Prevention or resolution of new issues

Security monitoring, software updates and patches

Everything you need!

An all-inclusive, remote and on-site service starts from only £20 per desk per month. And with discounts for teams of 20 or more users, you could pay as little as £10 per desk per month.

However many desks you want supported, that’s the percentage discount your team receives – so a team of 25 receives a 25% discount; a team of 30 receives a 30% discount, and so on, up to a 50% discount for teams of 50 or more.

To learn more about how our support will work for you, give us a call on 0208 663 4000.

To reduce this cost further, just let us know;

  • SME, Charity or Association?
  • Basic infrastructure details?
  • Geographic location?
  • Any on-site IT management?
  • Previous call history summary?
  • Any outstanding issues?

We will plan to resolve the latter for free, and provide a cost effective, detailed proposal for all inclusive support.

For free specialist advice about your company’s ICT requirements

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