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Trace, Map, Contact and Alert

Use Proximity Contact Tracing via 360ict to easily implement contact tracing and manage proximity – it’s designed to help businesses.


Effective and affordable, it simply installs onto existing WIFI or as a new installation. The system deploys AI driven WIFI and Bluetooth Low Energy technology to communicate with devices or tokens of customers and employees.

Our Proximity Contact Tracing is ideal for businesses and companies of all types– offices, shops, restaurants or venues – in fact, anywhere where employees, temporary workers, clients and customers may come into contact with each other.

Be confident about 360ict’s effective solution for contact tracing customers, staff and visitors to your premises:

Keep your staff and visitors safe while complying with official guidelines

Ideal for organisations of all types – hospitality, offices, shops, building sites, leisure & educational facilities

More confident customers will feel safe, stay long & visit again

Includes proximity tracing, journey mapping and hot zone alerting

A compact enterprise level solution

Accurate and efficient contact data which complies with data protection rules (e.g. GDPR)

An intelligent and clean technology to keep your staff, customers and clients safe. Full installation and maintenance provided – get in touch to discuss a full survey.

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Now, an intelligent Wi-Fi & Bluetooth technology can help you to manage proximity more easily and to collect, assess and report contact details.

PROXIMITY CONTACT TRACING VIA 360ict works by tracking the Bluetooth ID of a device to record movements and interactions. This can be in the form of a mobile device or token. The system deploys AI driven WIFI and Bluetooth Low Energy technology to communicate with devices or tokens of customers and employees. It can then use its analytics technology to trace, map and alert:

  • Proximity Tracing:  If someone is found Covid-19 positive, your employees and customers need to know if they have been in contact with them, and how long for ? You will be able to report on contacts within 1 to 3 metres going back over days and weeks and months.
  • Journey Mapping: in the event of a Covid-19 case being identified, organisations can review that person’s journey around the premises or site so that any reconfiguring and extra cleaning can take place.
  • Hot Zone Alerting: real-time, location-based alerting will tell you when you need to divert traffic away from congested areas. You can look at the trends over time and identify areas which need further safety measures.
  • Way Finding: Visitors and guests new to your venue can use the system to assist with getting from a to b, reducing the need for maps and staff being placed to offer directions.
  • Geographical Marketing: As you will know where your guests are, they can be sent reminders, special offer vouchers just prior to entering an area that can entice business at the place and time. So as someone is about to  enter the restaurant area, a nudge can be sent to encourage a visit to a certain concession.