The Mercers Company

Client Name: The Mercers Company

360ict Service: Pay Per Desk

Client Location: City of London

Client Challenge

The Mercers’ Company is the Premier Livery Company of the City of London. They make substantial grants to support education, general welfare, church and faith and arts and heritage. Also a network of almshouses and other homes for the elderly are managed by the charitable trusts associated with the Company.

In house there is an IT resource, however their main priority are special projects and event support. There are 30 + internal users as well as 16 additional sites at their Almshouses which all need sporadic support across the country; with the in-house team not always able to meet the demand.

Our Solution invoked its Pay Per Desk support provision to include the remote sites. This provided Mercers with a one stop shop for all of its ICT issues including the telco switch, which although was supported by another provider had the fault calls all routed and handled via 360ict Help Desk.

Client Result

The reputation of the IT department was maintained within the organisation and cost benefits were achieved with an improvement in up-time, especially at the remote sites.

Client Testimonial

"Over the past 8 years, 360ict have been invaluable in widening the support offering to our user base and internal clients."

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