Sparks Catering Butchers

Client Name: Sparks Catering Butchers

360ict Service: Managed ICT Services

Client Location: Enfield, Middx

Client Challenge

Sparks are a foodstuffs manufacturer and distributor with 10 delivery vans fulfilling orders throughout the South of England. Hours of working are typically 4am through to 4pm.

They had a bespoke system written in an old version of Visual Basic, with an old version of Sage running on obsolete systems.

The Company depended on these systems for all aspects of their business, and had delayed updating the infrastructure due to the upheaval it would cause the operations and lack of flexibility of more modern applications to replicate their longstanding application which is at the heart of all the Company’s processes – and works !

Now with support no longer available on the old versions of the application nor the Sage 100 software, a managed service was invoked with contingency to cover all eventualities whilst this major project was undertaken.

Our Solution

A comprehensive plan was put together to upgrade the infrastructure and accounting software, however immediate steps were taken to secure the systems and provide stability.

This included a development system to test the many upgrades required before they were "set live".

Implementation of a managed back up policy both remote and on line

Adoption of our fully managed service level to include all software updates, anti virus, and both remote and on-site 24/7 cover.

The systems of the company have now been made secure with a path forward for any amendments and changes. This has meant that the organisation can continue confidently knowing that they finally after many years can really start reaching out and using technology to its full benefit and effectively moving from a system which was teetering on the brink to a state of the art fully virtualised environment.

Client Result

The legacy systems are now secure and stable, whilst the many upgrades take place in line with the project plan, enabling fulfilment and revenue to continue to grow.

Client Testimonial

“We were caught up with a system which worked, but we knew it was not only outdated and no longer supported but was also slow, antiquated and cumbersome. However because it had been tailor written for us originally and was so ingrained in our working processes we couldn’t see a way forward. 360ict worked with us to ensure our data and applications were secure, the environment stable so that an ordered upgrade to our Sage and VB applications could take place."

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