Smith & Nephew

Client Name: Smith & Nephew

360ict Service: Cloud & Data Services

Client Location: Strand, London

Client Challenge

The Head Office of S&N is on the Strand where the main Board are located. Their IT Services are located in York supporting the organisation throughout the UK.

It was identified by The Board that additional Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans needed to be put in place for the systems in London by 360ict as the incumbent support company.

Our Solution

A data centre was selected and a full replicated system was setup with real time data mirroring.

After initial testing a program of quarterly DR test scenarios was deployed whereby 360ict engineers were fully involved in creating and testing a DR situation alongside the client team.

Client Result

The Smith and Nephew IT Manager reported back to the Board that the additional DR facility was not only in place but also regularly tested.

Client Testimonial

“The service that 360ict offer has always been exemplary and professionally executed and taking the whole DR solution and implementing it was painless.”

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