Saud and Company

Client Name: Saud and Company

360ict Service: Pay Per Desk

Client Location: Euston and Bexleyheath

Client Challenge

Saud and Co are a small insolvency practice based in Euston and Bexleyheath. They run a Cloud based application for their case management along with MS Office, relying heavily on secure access to spreadsheets for case reconciliation.

Support needed must be patient and practical due to the multi lingual workforce with emphasis on stringent back up policy and managed costs.

Our Solution

A simplistic system with streamlined processes. A NAS to hold central files with easy shortcuts set up and systems locked down to ensure that users could easily access, update and save company documents and spreadsheets with daily on-site and on-line back up

Electronic filing system implemented through consultancy and understanding the needs of the practice. All practitioners and staff able to work efficiently and effectively.

Client Result

Case management systems efficiently updated, ensuring regulatory control and management of fees benefiting cashflow.

This also assisted the practice immensely during their regulatory bodies inspections, meaning they were completed in good time and with positive reports.

Client Testimonial

“We were forever searching for documents and had a culture of relying on paper filing systems as our safety net. With a new streamlined system which all staff were fully trained in we can now access our case files quickly and are now working much more efficiently. 360ict have removed much of the workplace stress amongst the office staff.”

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