Richard Glen

Client Name: Richard Glen

360ict Service: Pay As You Go

Client Location: Croydon, London

Client Challenge

The client is a sole trader working from home who was experiencing problems whilst creating a presentation involving multiple spreadsheets.

Our Solution

After making a call to our Helpdesk one of our Customer Service Team dialled remotely onto to the clients system and spent several hours working through the presentation and as providing an on-line tutorial to the client.

A simple call to our helpdesk resulted in the customer not only getting their presentation completed on time, but also being provided with training for future use.

Client Result

A comprehensive business plan was completed on time, and skills transferred to assist with future versions.

Client Testimonial

“360ict made it so simple for me to access support just when I needed it. I was tearing my hair out and called in desperation and was simply put through to an engineer who was an absolute whizz but also took the time to not only repair my documents but also talk me through how and what he’d done”

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