Client Name: Radnes

360ict Service: Cloud & Data Services

Client Location: Croydon

Client Challenge

A family run Forklift Truck hire and maintenance business which needed advice and guidance to provide document storage and sharing. Client was running on standalone systems without any shared resources.

Our Solution

One of 360ict’s Client Services team met with the client and discussed the options available.

A small LAN was established at the clients premises allowing all staff access to the Company’s CRM system and file sharing and a NAS backup installed for DR.

A proposal was generated and accepted and an Installation Plan put together detailing the steps to be taken for installation, data migration, configuring network shares and backup and move to cloud email.

Client utilised Goldmine CRM which was upgraded.

A fully managed Pay Per Desk Agreement was also drawn up for support post installation.

Client Result

The team as a whole can now actively share data tomanage their customers information improving service and sales.

Client Testimonial

“We were seeking a local company to advise us and assist us in getting our CRM system upgraded and enabling all staff to access it. We were really pleased with their comprehensive advice and smooth installation. We’ve even called them to ask advice about home systems!!”

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