Portland Hospital

Client Name: Portland Hospital

360ict Service: Pay As You Go

Client Location: Central London

Client Challenge

The Portland Hospital is the only private hospital in the UK dedicated to the healthcare of women and children.

They have an experienced team of almost 600 consultants and nursing staff all with outstanding facilities providing high quality healthcare in comfortable surroundings.

One of their consultants systems failed, ironically due to a virus and required on site attention as the system would not boot up.

This needed to be completed speedily, also with a Company that would not risk the loss of any personal data.

Our Solution

360ict with its high level of data integrity was well placed to ensure the data was not compromised. Prior to work commencing, the system was physically disconnected from the network whilst the virus was located and eradicated and the system made safe.

The system was then handed back to the user to check that data files were intact out of sight of our technician.

Client Result

Patient bookings and record access resumed after a speedy process of virus elimination and a free Anti Virus protection installed onto the system to protect going forward and ensure the system remained operational.

Client Testimonial

"Having found 360ict on Google, we were pleased with the ease that the transaction and service was progressed. Especially having not been an existing Client"

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