Dyno Rod

Client Name: Dyno Rod

360ict Service: Human Resource Systems

Client Location: Beckenham Kent

Client Challenge

360ict having recently implemented a company wide system using synchronised calendars which allow call handlers and Managers to easily review resource levels and availability of field based staff, the next challenge was to enhance further the management of the increasing employee headcount. The business also required a way of managing and monitoring strict Health and Safety Training requirements, as well as a large fleet of vehicles. We also wanted to find a way to improve the communication between the organisation and its predominantly field based personnel.

Our Solution

In order to achieve this one of our HR Consultants spent some time with the Health and Safety Manager and the Departmental Managers. From this consultation a full on-line HR Management System was identified, installed and configured replacing a vast paper based filing system and complex spreadsheets spanning 5 years of on-going training and fleet management The system has been setup to automatically send reminders and alerts as well as allowing for publication and tracking of documentation to all members of staff.

Communication across all departments, the system giving the company the ability to communicate with all staff and provide information to a remote field engineering workforce. Holiday, overtime and staff training records now all fully automated and tracked in one place with line managers having full view and reporting records on all staff.

Client Result

Incalculable time cost savings have been achieved as well as knowing that staff levels, training schedules and fleet servicing and branding are all as per schedule.

Client Testimonial

“The system has been so good for staff communication and motivation. There have also been massive time savings in publishing of the large amount of updates and meant that team meetings are now much more focussed without lots of paperwork needing to be distributed.

Importantly the system has allowed us to completely streamline important Health and Safety training and compliance.”

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