Client Name: Dynorod

360ict Service: Managed ICT Services

Client Location: Beckenham

Client Challenge

Initially a small business which needed assistance to manage the predicted growth both in terms of number of employee’s and upgrade to the system infrastructure. The client was using a Cloud based CRM system but had no network infrastructure or file sharing.

The company was using a PC for as file server, and receiving support from a small provider who had little contingency for when he was on holiday or off sick.

Our Solution

It was identified that the client needed an in-house network and should move off of POP3 emails on to a full business email solution.

A new MS Exchange and Domain Server were purchased and installed thus creating a premised network. Domain and emails were migrated over and complex calendar sharing and synchronicity facility was also configured.

Client Result

The new system meant that the office staff could now book engineers into on-line calendars instantly and respond to customer requests for callouts immediately thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their call handling ten fold.

Client Testimonial

“The systems and 360ict’s support has been phenomenal in shaping the organisation and its success”

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