Dyno Plumbing & Heating

Client Name: Dyno Plumbing & Heating

360ict Service: Financial Systems

Client Location: Beckenham, Kent

Client Challenge

A once small business which had grown rapidly, it required assistance in managing its stock system and streamlining customer billing.

The current system which was managed via Excel spreadsheets, could not be relied upon to ensure that all parts and stock allocations were managed and invoiced out to customers.

Our Solution

After analysing the associated processes a 360ict Consultant undertook the process of implementing a Purchase Order Processing system utilising Sage Software.

The client already utilised Sage software to carry out its main sales ledger billing but the stock and van stock parts which were used by field engineers on a daily basis were manually processed using Excel then and passed to the Accounts Department by the despatch team.

Utilising the Sage POP and Stock Control modules, 360ict setup the codes and system and put together a process whereby the despatch team allocated and requested stock direct in the accounting Sage Software. Stock was directly linked to the customer's account in Sage ensuring that all items were invoiced out to the customer.

Client Result

It was identified that even though the Engineers Van and small items stock were all very low cost individually it represented a very large sum per annum across the organisation. Not all of these small value items were previously being invoiced to the customer losing revenues for the organisation.

The new system ensured that all items were linked to a job which would then be included within the customers final invoice.

Client Testimonial

“As the business grew the small parts used by engineers and held as van stock now represented a substantial value which was not being monitored or accounted for. At the same time how to bring accounting controls in to a busy despatch team was difficult but with 360ict setting up the system and providing training guides for purchasing and stock allocation were effectively implemented”.

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