Client Name: Dell

360ict Service: Pay As You Go

Client Location: Dublin, Ireland

Client Challenge

Dell have a Server Sales Team which operated out of its Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

The technical sales team provide solutions to businesses throughout the UK. The installation and support services were then provided by 5 main contractors on the Approved Supplier List.

After a successful sales campaign the team were facing problems with the limited availability of installation engineers from the 5 suppliers particularly within the London area and customers were getting very agitated and constantly let down.

The Sales Manager at Dell sought authorisation to find a supplier for what became termed at Hospital Passes whereby they would provide technical expertise to finish or correct installations which had not been completed by the incumbent suppliers.

Our Solution

360ict Senior Management met with the teams in Dublin to fully understand the brief and then successfully carried out multiple installations throughout the London and South East region on behalf of Dell Direct Sales Team.

Each installation was quoted with a fixed price and timeframe based upon an agreed Scope of Works.

Client Result

Dells reputation was enhanced by lower timescales and fixed charges for sometimes very complex installations.

Positive scoring of customer satisfaction feedback increased in the London and South East of England.

Client Testimonial

“My team were getting really demotivated through lack of support of the selected suppliers over in London. 360ict made a fantastic difference, they have been so easy to deal with, just one phone call and email and you know the job will get done leaving us to carry on with our jobs. Not only that they made the effort to come over to meet my team and really understand what support we needed.”

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