Bickley Park School

Client Name: Bickley Park School

360ict Service: Pay As You Go

Client Location: Bickley, Kent

Client Challenge

An independent preparatory school for boys aged from 2 ½ to 13 years of age, with an in-house full time IT Engineer who oversees all of the systems used by staff and students throughout the school.

With just one internal member of staff who had the skills and knowledge to ensure that systems were maintained, when he was wishing to take holiday and paternity leave the school would be left with no support.

Our Solution

A 360ict engineer was assigned to spend a day with the incumbent staff member to go through all systems and processes and take copies of all contracts, usernames and passwords to effectively take over technical support whenever the staff member was absent.

This provided contingency for a fully supported system and staff member without any overhead costs being incurred unless needed. Staff members pleased that they could not only rely on internal support but also depend upon that of a local organisation when required.

Client Result

Risk mitigated at minimal costs.

Client Testimonial

“I approached 360ict wondering if there was some way to mitigate the risks we were facing with only one person having any knowledge or and ability to support our systems. Their solution was perfect, it didn’t require anything from us but has given us the comfort of knowing we have business level support whenever needed.”

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