Apostrophe Restaurants

Client Name: Apostrophe Restaurants

360ict Service: Cloud & Data Services

Client Location: London

Client Challenge

The client wished to move from premised email and file sharing to a fully cloud hosted solution to cover its head office and it’s 24 restaurants around the Capital.

Our Solution

After consultation, an MS Office 365 and a Sharepoint infrastructure was proposed by 360ict and accepted. A Project Manager was assigned and a complex plan to migrate all of the email and data from the premised systems in to the new Cloud environment was produced.

The plan initially replicated the Head Office infrastructure and setup a Company wide Sharepoint site which mapped the in-house network file sharing structure.

This ran alongside the premised systems for a period whilst data was uploaded and staff training was completed and then all Head Office Personnel were moved over to the new data locations as the legacy folders were closed off.

In parallel to the above all email accounts were migrated to Office 365, and in turn each shop then had to be configured with the new email ( and access to history ) as well as linking to the relevant folders of the new Sharepoint site as required.

Client Result

The Head Office and 24 restaurants were all migrated to a full cloud solution leading to large savings in replacing infrastructure and also streamlining operations and reporting.

Client Testimonial

“The decision to move to a Cloud infrastructure was taken as we had deferred capital expenditure spend on replacing our premised infrastructure, and wanted do without an expensive equipment room in Central London.

The move and particularly the complex file sharing setup in Sharepoint was not an easy project and was made further difficult as Head Office and Restaurants required opposing views of the data layout.

The 360ict Project Team and Engineers were very committed to delivering the project and results within the timeframes.”

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