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System and Infrastructure Rental


360ict offers small businesses a flexible, affordable way to ensure that IT infrastructure is kept up-to-date.

This service allows businesses to spread the cost of the equipment over the course of it’s useful life. This means no large capital outlay or ownership of fast deprecating equipment.

The business gets up-to-date, quality equipment for a simple monthly payment.

This basic concept has been around for years. Think about when your broadband provider sends a new, updated router to replace an old one. You’ve paid for the router as part of your monthly bill. It’s the same with your mobile phone operator, the monthly contract includes the purchase of the phone.

Whilst comparable to leasing alone , our service has key differences and some added advantages.

As well as the equipment itself,  we align all of the support and maintenance over the agreed term within a separate, parallel contract. The solution will be installed by our engineers with installation costs included in the monthly payment.

Under a normal lease arrangement you might be covered under a warranty, however any issue means shipping a unit back to the manufacturer. This is inconvenient in the case of a desktop PC or laptop, and practically impossible with a server! With 360ict, your IT support issues will be resolved much more quickly.

At the end of a standard leasing agreement you’ll be faced with various options. These include keeping the equipment for a final payment, continuing to lease the same equipment or sending it back to the lease company. With this solution we’ll work with you to decide the best option. In most cases this will mean we upgrade everything to brand new, up-to-date equipment. You simply budget to continue to pay the same monthly fee. This means no more worries about ageing equipment or finding capital for new machines.

Alternatively, we have already budgeted to finalise all end of lease arrangements and your monthly fees cease and you can continue to use the equipment say for a further 2 years, paying only the support fees.

You can also add to your agreement. This means as your business grows your infrastructure can grow with you and still with no large capital outlay.

  • Always have the best technology
  • Full support agreement aligned for the period of the agreement and beyond
  • No capital outlay
  • No surprise fees at the end of the leases
  • 100% tax deductable
  • 1 x monthly leasing payment and one separate monthly support payment

This service is suitable for most businesses looking to purchase Systems. Start-up and early stage businesses will find the reduced capital costs useful, whilst established businesses like the flexibility and convenience in replacing ageing equipment.

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