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Need to keep staff working from home?
Need to ensure staff access to critical IT systems?
How can you protect your remote workforce against cybercrime?
How can you keep IT hygienic to prevent the spread of germs ?

Don’t risk your business, your staff and your profits.
Working from home and/or part-time office attendance are now a fact of life.

Access to the right equipment and software

Do staff have access to the right IT equipment to do their job remotely?

Can they access files remotely and securely?

Your work-based systems may well be covered by anti-virus and other protective features that will need to be replicated on home-based systems.

Seamless Diversion of Telephony

You want customers to reach you on your usual number.

Many telephony solutions can be accessed remotely, with any additional components required sent out to the recipients’ home address.

Effective cybersecurity

Reflecting practices in the workplace, staff will need good cyber security at home to protect against the company’s confidential data being compromised or networks becoming subject to malware or other cybercrime.


Access to workplace premises is usually restricted to employees or known visitors only. Not so at home, so one should be aware of other people in your home, and not leave access open when not attended.

Use 306ict’s REMOTE WORKING ICT SUPPORT SERVICES to keep your business working safely.

It’s how to ensure excellent business continuity when external factors impact the way you work.

Are you confident about how your business operates remotely?

Why you need remote working ICT support services:

Maintaining access to critical systems

When key staff are away, what are your plans for accessing the systems they run/operate? Teams need to ensure there are alternative ways of accessing the knowledge and information of key absent staff – from passwords to protocols, it’s an elementary part of business continuity.

Access to networks

Can you and your staff access your company’s networks from home? Do you have the correct software and protections to allow seamless and safe access from home?

Diverting office phones

When the unexpected happens, do you know how to divert your office numbers to other numbers so that you don’t lose important calls from potential customers.

Keeping your ICT hygienic

Extra precautionary measures are needed in the current climate. Do you know how to safely keep equipment and devices clean and germ-free without damaging them? Hot-desking and shared devices are risky areas which need special attention.

Experienced IT professionals at 360ict can advise on:
How to improve remote worker capabilities
Actions to keep critical systems working
The safest way to keep ICT equipment clean and hygienic.

360ict helps businesses make the best of their ICT to cope with adverse events and keep business working.

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